Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Glass Repair Service Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Glass Repair Service
Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Glass Repair Service
Due to high demand for our services if you wish to purchase a repair please contact us via the WhatsApp button below or using the following methods and we can arrange to book your device in for repair.
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Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Glass Repair Service

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Repairing a Samsung Galaxy Glass screen on the high street or via other postal services can be very expensive, as most companies will just replace the whole front unit. We are different, as well as fitting brand new Samsung service packs we also offer our customers the chance of a cheaper repair in the form of only replacing the top layer of glass, and have expert knowledge of how to change only the top piece of glass on Samsung devices. One of only a handful of business' that offer this repair in the UK we have actually been providing dry OCA repairs since 2010, long before any of our competitors.

Is there a risk?

Glass only repairs come with the risk of the AMOLED or LCD display failing for any number of reasons during the refurbishment, it needs to be heated, super cooled, cleaned, pressurised and so on. It is a long process that sees the fragile display put through its paces in many different machines, procedures and temperatures.

Get the facts about a Samsung Galaxy glass only repair for your device

While 95% of glass only repairs are generally indistinguishable from a Brand New screen, there are instances where micro bubbles, pixel loss, polariser scratches, or lines can form during or after the glass repair. We process these type of outcomes under the repair agreement and they are shipped back to our customers.

This is a risk free insured service and, if a customers display ceases to function completely during a glass only repair we will replace it with a like for like screen free of charge to complete their repair.

We can complete a RISK FREE glass repair as long as your screen is still responsive under the cracked digitiser, you can check this by typing *#0*# into your phone keypad and selecting touch and filing in all the small squares!


  • Only your glass must be cracked.
  • There must be no black blotches, pixel loss, lines, flickering on your display.
  • It must not have had a previous refurbished screen fitted. (Unless fitted by ourselves).

Why choose us as your repairer?

  • Samsung repair specialists
  • High quality oleophobic coated glass.
  • Easily remove fingerprints, grease etc from your screen.
  • Our glass out performs all our competitors.
  • High quality factory style dry hybrid OCA bonding completed by highly trained repair technicians
  • 3 Month warranty on all glass repairs (Parts we supply only)
  • Fast repair service most repairs completed within 48hrs
  • Glass Only Repair Services on Samsung since 2010.
  • No outsourcing - all repairs carried out in house
  • email customer support during office hrs
  • WhatsApp contact 24/7 agent permitting

Samsung Galaxy Glass Repairs How It Works

Post your Samsung Galaxy to our repair centre (address on website footer and instructions emailed to you after checkout), the day our technicians receive your device they will get to work on it and begin the repair process. Once the repair is completed your phone will be returned via Royal Mail Special delivery tracked and insured for £500 service.

How to Book Your Galaxy Glass Screen Repair

To book your repair online with theScreenMedic simply select your repair, complete checkout and await your confirmation email. You can send in your device by any service you choose, UPS, DHL or Royal Mail are all advisable to use, please ensure any service you use is insured, tracked and signed for on delivery.