Glass Only Screen Repair for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, Glass Only Screen Repair for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus,

Glass Only Screen Repair for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9 & Note 8

We receive a high volume of enquiries regarding the cost of screen repairs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9 and Note 8 smart phones. Regrettably the price of a full replacement AMOLED display unit is still very expensive, this obviously has to be relevant to the price we charge for full display repairs.

Armed with this knowledge the majority of customers advise that it is just the glass that is cracked and not the AMOLED and want to know if we can replace only the glass.

Fortunately for our customers the answer to that question is, YES WE CAN REPAIR JUST THE GLASS.

We wanted to explain the reasons how and why we are able to replace the glass only so we have written this article to help our potential customers understand why it is a safe and sound option for their device.

Any returning customers will already know the benefits of this service.

Why Replacing the entire Screen is so Expensive

The technology used in the manufacturing of Samsung mobile phone AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays is very costly, this means that a lot of the time the expense of replacing a whole screen can be nearly as much as buying a used handset.

Chinese companies producing third party copy screens have not yet succeeded in producing their own equivalent AMOLED displays, and as such aftermarket displays to repair Samsung Edge models such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 do not exist.

Edge & Non Edge replacement screen options

The points below outline the common repair options for Samsung displays:

  • “Copy" aftermarket screens can be sourced from China for older Samsung models such as the Galaxy S3, S4, S5 etc but they are produced using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology NOT AMOLED, and as such they are very unreliable, have washed out colours, poor touch function and on many occasions are a bad fit into the mid frame of the phone.
  • Service Packs purchased directly from Samsung by distributors and sold on to their customers are usually of limited availability, more so for newer models.
  • Genuine Samsung screens are also available from recyclers, usually removed from handsets and refurbished in Chinese factories. The demand for these screens is very high, hence even the resale value of broken authentic Samsung screens is very high, this then pushes cost of repairers buying in recycled screens.

The highest quality product for replacing a screen is the official Samsung Service Pack, these screens are Super AMOLED which are manufactured by Samsung and are in operation in their service centres. They warrant the highest price and are a factory finished product. Most people do not want to spend out so much money on replacing with a brand new extremely costly service pack screen.

This is where we come in to offer a completely unique glass only screen repair service, for example, on a Samsung Galaxy S8, which is a curved screen Edge model.

When The Screen Medic replaces only the glass on your Samsung handset you will be hard pushed to see a difference in the quality of the sheet of glass used in the repair. We use OEM oleophobic coated glass which performs identically if not better than the original product. Grease and fingerprints are easily wiped away, and the presentation of the coloured layer is identical to it's original counterpart.

The quality of our glass is superior to many other's providing a similar service, and for those asking if it's Gorilla glass, it's the original glass that's always shattering, hence the high demand for our Samsung Galaxy glass repair services.

We are experts in Edge AMOLED to Glass lamination, in short this means the bonding of the Edge display to the new sheet of glass. We have spent many years perfecting this technique, it can only be achieved using specialist machines, precise methods for separation of the shattered glass and expert removal of the delicate AMOLED from the mid chassis.

In turn to avoid dust issues on rebonding of the new glass to the AMOLED we use only the highest specification clean rooms and high visibility bright green LED dust spotting lamps to avoid any imperfections or debris becoming lodged in the newly glassed display.

We also utilise unbent flex lamination moulds and semi cured OCA, this means that we do not have to interfere with any flex connections during a re glass (manipulation of the flex cables can result in a pink line, it is a pressure issue), and once the newly repaired semi cured OCA display has been removed from the de bubbling autoclave it can be placed into a high frequency Ultra Violet light curing drawer which prevents and micro bubbles from re appearing on the newly laminated screen.

The Key Points

  • For the S7 Edge, S8 and S8 plus full display service pack or recycled screen repairs are expensive for the reasons outlined above.
  • The majority of Edge owners ask if we are able to perform glass-only repairs. YES, WE CAN.
  • Bought in bulk replacement glass is not too expensive, the skill is in getting it onto the AMOLED. We are highly prevalent at doing this. There is a risk with all glass repairs, but, it's a statistics game. We know that over 95% of glass repairs we perform will go to plan and will survive the process we use, so the 5% that fail for whatever reason can be absorbed by the amount that get through. This is why we offer our glass repair service with a “Failure Guarantee".
  • We do not throw this cost to risk onto our customers, we absorb all the risk with Samsung Edge Glass Only screen repairs. If your AMOLED fails the repair process, then we will replace it with an authentic Samsung display at no additional cost to you, thus eliminating any hesitation about buying a Glass Only screen repair from ourselves.
  • Our investment in state of the art equipment to undertake these type of repairs puts us in league with the large factories in China, the techniques we use are taken straight from the refurbishment factories and our technicians are trained by the very same people who are providing this service on a larger scale overseas.
  • There are good profit margins in Samsung screen glass repairs, which is why we offer them, other repair centres be they online or high street who do not offer this service, is due to the fact that it is so technical, complicated and skilled, they have simply not mastered the process and do not possess the relevant core practicality to perform this repair.
  • Our prices our extremely competitive and all our parts are sourced from reputable suppliers, in short we know what we are doing so we can pass our knowledge on in the form of savings to our customers.

We are Glass Replacement Experts

Like the Chinese factories, we have invested a great amount of money on machinery and training, and we carry out glass repairs in high volume day in day out and are experts in our field. We can repair a Samsung Galaxy S8 for example as close to factory specification as possible. Clean rooms, -180 Degree Freezer separator machines, OCA (Dry Optically Clear Adhesive, NOT LOCA as some repairers use) high precision Glass to AMOLED alignment moulds, de bubbling autocalve technology, unique glue removing tools(for removing the old OCA from the AMOLED after the glass is removed) and far superior techniques than any others, are all at our disposal to get the job done right.

Will this service save me money

The short answer to this question is, Yes!

Because we sell exclusively through our own website we are able to cut out the middle men and reduce our prices and pass this saving onto our customers.

If you think that a sheet of glass bought in bulk for an S7 Edge for example costs less than £10 including the OCA then you can deduce that if we charge £79.99 to replace the glass for you, then even after any transaction fees that need to be paid, it is still a good profit margin and this is the best incentive to perform a good job.

The last thing you want is your repairer to be making £10 profit for hours of work and years of training. You are really paying for the skill and knowledge we have to get this repair completed to a high factory style standard.


If you need a glass only repair service on any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 plus etc then we can provide this for you to a high level for the reasons outlined in this article.

Any shops or online retailers claiming this service cannot be performed are most welcome to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss any training needs regarding offering this service to their own customers. There is a charge for this of course!!