Q. Who can purchase repairs from theScreenMedic?
A. We sell our repairs to shop owners, screen dealers and individuals alike!
Q. How long will it take to complete my order?
A. For individual customers postal orders we operate a varied day turnaround service from the day we receive your handset. See relevant listing for information. 
Q. Can I track my order status?
A. We are currently upgrading our tracking software and as such this feature is unavailable at present. You can check the status of your order by dropping a quick email to sales@thescreenmedic.co.uk
Q. I can't see the repair I'm after, what do I do?
A. Not a problem, if you don't see the repair you need, chances are we provide that service, just email us at sales@thescreenmedic.co.uk and we will quote you for the repair!
Q. How do I pay for my repair? 

A. Customers can purchase using a credit or debit card or by bank transfer. We also accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Q. Do I need to unlock my handset before sending it in for repair?
A. We would advise that you provide us with the unlock code or pattern when you send your handset in! This is so we can make sure there are no issues with your phone before and after the repair. If an issue arises with a handset once back with the customer after a repair it will not be covered if we have not been able to fully test it prior to repairing it.
Q. Which screens do you repair?
A. We specialise in Samsung LCD / AMOLED refurbishments and New Service Pack services.
Q. Can a broken screen be refurbished?
A. No, only a good LCD / AMOLED can be refurbished, your display needs to be in full working order for a glass only refurbishment!
Q. Can a screen with lines or colour problems be refurbished?
A. No, this is due to flex cable problems or a chipped LCD and cannot be refurbished.
Q. Will dead pixels be fixed in the refurbishment process?
A. No, a refurbished screen will still display the dead pixels, we recommend our customers only send in LCDs with a minimum of dead pixels!
Q. Can you refurbish a screen with an LCD burn or pink halo?
A. Yes, but the LCD burn and halo will still be visible after repair!