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What We Do

Why choose the Screen Medic to handle your smart phone & AMOLED / LCD Refurbishment Repair?

We primarily specialise in OCA LCD / AMOLED screen refurbishment!

Our main area of expertise is in AMOLED / LCD refurbishment but we also handle other aspects of smart phone, tablet and iDevice repairs.

All our repairs are completed by our very own professional technicians, in our state of the art modern workshop, using the best techniques, machines and parts.

When purchasing your LCD Refurbishment repair from the Screen Medic you are making the right decision! Unlike other repair centres that use UV liquid glue to refurbish screens, we use dry OCA jelly like sheets on 100% of our repairs, all our LCD refurbishments are carried out away from handset components and our technicians are fully trained in OCA LCD refurbishment!

This kind of precise and clean finish cannot be achieved using UV liquid Optical Clear Adhesive!

The OCA sheet used by the Screen Medic during LCD Refurbishment is one continuous precise length, width and thickness so you do not end up with it separating from the new glass once it has been professionally laminated, this is common among UV glass repairs, as trying to get the UV liquid glue to be one thickness between the glass and the display is near on impossible.

We use state of the are equipment to carry out all our repair work! Sophisticated machinery means we can produce OEM factory result every time! OCA lamination happens in a positive pressure dust free room!

We now use cold press technology to laminate the glass & frame combo to the LCD when providing our LCD refurbishment service to corporate and private customers alike! Thus eliminating breakage by removing the the need for external frame lamination after glass and LCD bonding!

Not only that, we are extremely competitive on price, we can repair your display for a very low cost! Our customers use us time and time again for their Samsung and iPhone glass repairs, so if you're here for the first time about to place your first order, we look forward to serving you and giving you the best result for your smart phone repair!

Many thanks to our valued customers, old and new!!

theScreenMedic team!