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Edge Specialist Glass Repairs

Please see below our Curved Screen Repair services.

Most repair centres on the high street or via other postal services can be very expensive, as most companies will just replace the whole front unit. We are different, as well as fitting brand new Samsung service packs we also offer our customers the chance of a cheaper repair in the form of only replacing the top layer of glass, and have expert knowledge of how to change only the top piece of glass on Samsung devices.

Our most popular Edge repairs are currently the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S10, S10 Plus and S20 Glass Repairs. If your handset touchscreen still functions correctly then we can replace just the glass on your Edge device.

Available to all customers wishing to send their complete curved handset for glass refurbishment!

As soon as your handset arrives at our workshop we get to work on it asap! Once repaired it is quickly dispatched back to you with tracking information attached!

Todays Edge handsets are very expensive and extremely high tech pieces of equipment, so it's worth getting the screen repaired professionally! We utilise anti static workbenches, clothing and tools. Dust free lamination rooms and ultra high tech equipment to complete all curved screen refurbishment services!
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