"Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination"

"Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination"

Our unique "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" service!

Glass only repairs come with the risk of the AMOLED / LCD failing for any number of reasons during the refurbishment, it needs to be heated, super cooled, cleaned, pressurised and so on. It is a long process that sees the fragile display put through its paces in many different machines, procedures and temperatures. We shoulder this risk for you with our unique "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" service, provided your screen meets the criteria.

Get the facts about a glass only repair for your device

We provide a "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" glass only repair service for your smart phone screen providing the following conditions are met.

  1. Only the glass must be cracked on your device
  2. There must be no black blotches on the AMOLED
  3. There must be no pixel loss on the AMOLED
  4. There must be no lines or flickering on the AMOLED

If these conditions are met we will guarantee your screen against failure during the repair process.

What is the "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" service?

Put simply, it means once the above conditions are met, should your display fail during any part of the refurbishment process, we will replace it at no additional cost with a like for like perfect Super AMOLED screen. Eliminating any risk to yourself.


There are exceptions to these conditions upon which we will still provide a glass only repair service but without the guarantee, if there are black blotches or pixel loss we can still repair the glass only on your device but these markings will remain after the repair. But due to it having present damage we will not repair it under our "Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination" service, and should it fail during the process you will be given the option to pay the difference in price for a full display as listed on our website. We always do our best to get screens with pixel loss or black blotches through the repair process for our customers as we do not have a high profit margin when replacing the entire display, and 9 times out of 10 these types of screens survive the repair due to the skill and ingenuity of our technicians.

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