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Risk Free Glass Only Repairs

*We will replace your display at no extra cost should it fail the process.

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Welcome to The Screen Medic ®

What we can offer you!

Does your Samsung have a broken or cracked screen?
We provide a screen phone repair service here in the UK!

Our speciality is glass only repair services, we provide the cheapest glass only repair service in the UK for your Samsung

We perform glass only repairs on standard and curved Samsung Galaxy Edge models day in day out and have expert knowledge of every device we fix. 

We are the alternative choice to the high street and many other online repairers that only offer their customers an expensive fix for their device, we offer a cost effective option without cutting on quality, specialising in replacing just the top glass digitiser rather than the entire display.

We are the original and the best OCA Masters here in the UK.

We are a Samsung specialist repair centre and we specialize in glass only screen replacements. As we specialise in repairing Samsung screens we have expert knowledge of how to get the right result and the best finish on your handset or tablet! We pride ourselves on our customer service and our outstanding work ethic, we use dry OCA sheets for our repairs the same way as Samsung assemble their handsets, and state of the art equipment to produce factory style results every time.

Unlike other repair centres that use UV LOCA, liquid glue, we do not put any liquid near our customers devices, all of our repairs are carried out in a dust free, dry environment!

Removal of Samsung AMOLED displays from their mid frames can be a difficult and tricky process, we have our own special technique that allows for safe removal of Samsung displays time and time again, which is why our customers trust us with their devices and our business partners choose us every time for all their Samsung repairs.

If you need a Samsung glass only screen replacement or a full display assembly repair then there is only one place you need to be, and that is with The Screen Medic, we can offer a service that meets your needs!

We are now fully prevalent and experts in Samsung Galaxy Edge glass screen repairs, specialising in S10, S10 Plus, S20, S21, NOTE 10, NOTE 10 Plus glass repair services to name a few!

How it works - 

1 - Select Repair - Add to cart - Complete Checkout

2 - Send in your handset (Details emailed to you after you have completed checkout)

3 - We repair it!

4 - We dispatch back to you once repair is completed!

The Screen Medic is an independent repair centre entity and is not affiliated with any other screen repairers, all work is carried out in our own state of the art workshop, we do not outsource any repairs.

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Pixel Loss Due To Impact

Pixel Loss Due To Impact

Not all pixel loss is this visible like this and can easily be hidden under the cracks only revealed when the old glass is removed! If this is the case any pixel loss found during a re glass will remain on the display and is completely impossible to remove, or sometimes predict before the repair commences, and is generally there because of the original damage that broke the glass!
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"Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination"

"Failure Guarantee, Risk Elimination"

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